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I'm Rachel Jackson

I'm an Intuitive Coach, Mentor, Author and Podcaster and founder of Soulful Badass. I am here for rebels who are ready to write their own rules and experience so much more in their life and business. 

I empower women to unleash the power they have within. To maximise your intuition, mindset and energy & become a magnet for your desires.  

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My Story

I have always felt a little different, always looking for an unconventional approach to things. Never wanting to follow the norm. Even though I did because let’s face it, that’s what we are taught to do. But there was always something inside me that was calling me. A niggle that wouldn’t go away. It felt like a dissatisfaction in some way, but I didn’t know why. I searched for years to quench it. Trying to throw myself into my career thinking progression was the key. Or my marriage, trying everything I could to be the best wife and create a good life for us. But still it was there. Because deep down I knew I was meant for more.


My path of searching led me to unusual routes for answers. I met intuitive, healers and learned more about different ways the world works. 


This journey of exploration finally led me to the thing that had been missing. 


Manifestation. Finally like a lightning bolt had come down from the heavens I could finally see that I was meant for more. And now I knew how to create it. 


But learning to manifest didn’t give me the answer I thought I was looking for; it gave me so much more. You see I was always looking outside of me for the next thing that would fix me, that would take the dissatisfaction away, but I never needed that. I needed to find the power that was inside of me. The Queen that chooses her outside world, that knows her worth and that is here to change the world. That’s what I found, now what will you find? Let’s see…...

All the things...

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